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A smiling face is the mirror of our body and can heal sick patients” – Last March I came here for check-up. I was then referred to Dr. Espinosa so I went to his clinic. He sent me back here for EEG. The staff downstairs at the front office did the EEG for me right away so I had the time to go back to Dr. Espinosa who interpreted the result. It was done so fast that we had the time to go back to Ilocos that same day. I thank the staff very much. To Lorma as a whole, thank you so much and may God bless you all. All the staff and employees of Lorma Hospital are very friendly. I’m very glad to see their smiling faces every morning. Keep up your good work!!!
- Patient Rm 426.

Thank you for my pleasant stay at Lorma. Keep up the excellent care & service. Dr. Nelson Gundran is very patient, good physician. He listens well to patient’s complaints. He shows happy disposition. Hope he’ll be a fellow soon.
Thanks doctor!
– From Executive Suite G

“I have been supplied with newspapers everyday. I had been to big and modern hospital in Manila, and it’s only here that we are given newspaper.  Nursing personnel – prompt in doing things for patients’ comfort.  Very good big, and clean trash cans." 
- From Exec. Suite E

“My thanks to Dr. Gamboa and MCO in the ER who gave a helping hand during my life and death situation. I can’t forget all of you who gave me my second life and of course to our beloved God Almighty who used your hospital to help me survive. I was so satisfied. In behalf of my small kids, husband and my relatives, thank you very much! God bles you all!” – From 2A (Ward)

Lorma hospital has improved a lot when it comes to services. The personnel are so caring and they always offer a friendly smile. I am happy to see some interns who were my former students in high school. They are so cheerful and fresh looking which help the patients recover fast. LORMA EXCELLENT! – From Rm. 222


Patient Rights and Responsibilities►►

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Lorma Medical Center wants you to receive quality care. As a patient at the hospital, it is important to realize that you have both rights and responsibilities. This summary of patients' rights and responsibilities describe how you can participate in receiving quality care.


      Your Rights

           ·  To be treated with respect and courtesy

           ·  To receive safe, considerate, ethical and cost effective medical care

           ·  To have your individual cultural, spiritual and psychological needs respected

           ·  To have your privacy and personal dignity maintained

           ·  To expect that information regarding your care  will be treated as confidential


      Your Responsibilities

           ·  To respect hospital personnel

           ·  To respect care givers’ effort to provide care for other patients

           ·  To respect hospital property

           ·  To be considerate of other patients and to see that your visitors do the same



         Your Rights

           ·  To receive treatment regardless of race, religion or any other discrimination prohibited by law.

           ·  To receive emergency treatment regardless of ability to pay

           ·  To expect reasonable continuity of care and to be informed of available and realistic care
              options when hospital care is no longer appropriate

           ·  To have your needs for pain management addressed and treated

           ·  To be free from the use of restraints and/or seclusion unless clinically necessary.


        Your Responsibilities

           ·  To follow your caregivers’ instructions and help them in their efforts to return you to health.

           ·  To inform your caregiver if you think there may be problems in following their instructions

           ·  To participate in decision making about your medical care

           ·  To recognize the impact of lifestyle on your personal health



         Your Rights

            ·  To understand your diagnosis and treatment, as well as the possible outcomes, risks and
               benefits of your care.

            ·  To have information regarding your medical treatment explained to your family member or
               other appropriate individual when you are unable to participate in decisions about your care.

            ·  To be advised of hospital policies, procedures, rules and regulations that may affect your care.

            ·  To understand that your caregiver may both be teachers and students

            ·  To know the names/ titles of your caregiver.

            ·  To see your medical records (in accordance with hospital policy and/or the law)

            ·  To review your bill and to have any questions or concerns you have adequately addressed.         

        Your Rights

            ·  To provide the hospital with accurate and complete information about your medical history

            ·  To ask your doctors for more information if you d not understand your illness or treatment

            ·  To provide the hospital with necessary payment and/or insurance information




        Your Rights

            ·  To be involved in decisions concerning your care

            ·  To have your family members and/or others from participating in decisions about your care

            ·  To discuss any treatment planned for you

            ·  To give your informed consent or informed refusal for treatment

            ·  To leave the hospital or request a transfer (in accordance with hospital policy and/or the law)


       Your Responsibilities

            ·  To abide by hospital rules and regulations

            ·  To keep your appointments

            ·  To pay your bills on time

            ·  To inform the hospital management if you believe your rights have been violated

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