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New patient suites
now open! 
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A smiling face is the mirror of our body and can heal sick patients” – Last March I came here for check-up. I was then referred to Dr. Espinosa so I went to his clinic. He sent me back here for EEG. The staff downstairs at the front office did the EEG for me right away so I had the time to go back to Dr. Espinosa who interpreted the result. It was done so fast that we had the time to go back to Ilocos that same day. I thank the staff very much. To Lorma as a whole, thank you so much and may God bless you all. All the staff and employees of Lorma Hospital are very friendly. I’m very glad to see their smiling faces every morning. Keep up your good work!!!
- Patient Rm 426.

Thank you for my pleasant stay at Lorma. Keep up the excellent care & service. Dr. Nelson Gundran is very patient, good physician. He listens well to patient’s complaints. He shows happy disposition. Hope he’ll be a fellow soon.
Thanks doctor!
– From Executive Suite G

“I have been supplied with newspapers everyday. I had been to big and modern hospital in Manila, and it’s only here that we are given newspaper.  Nursing personnel – prompt in doing things for patients’ comfort.  Very good big, and clean trash cans." 
- From Exec. Suite E

“My thanks to Dr. Gamboa and MCO in the ER who gave a helping hand during my life and death situation. I can’t forget all of you who gave me my second life and of course to our beloved God Almighty who used your hospital to help me survive. I was so satisfied. In behalf of my small kids, husband and my relatives, thank you very much! God bles you all!” – From 2A (Ward)

Lorma hospital has improved a lot when it comes to services. The personnel are so caring and they always offer a friendly smile. I am happy to see some interns who were my former students in high school. They are so cheerful and fresh looking which help the patients recover fast. LORMA EXCELLENT! – From Rm. 222


What's new at Lorma ►►

More new patient suites now open
Lorma Medical Center, the largest private tertiary referral center in Northern Luzon, unveils its new Mabuhay Suites, VIP Rooms, and Executive Rooms to meet the exploding healthcare needs of the community and is on its way to completing the construction of the new 5-Storey Medical Arts Building.


Each year, millions of people experience allergic reactions to food, pollen, moldshouse dust mites, or even household pets. Most food allergies cause relatively mild and minor symptoms, while some can cause severe reactions, and may even be life-threatening. A child, on the other hand, experiencing a long-lasting sneezing with stuffy or runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, may exhibit allergic rhinitis caused by something breathed in from the environment.

LMC's New State-of-the-Art ICU NOW OPEN

Lorma opens its new Intensive Care Unit on the second floor of the north east side of the Medical Arts Building. The new ICU has a 21-bed capacity with private rooms, adult and pedia ICU wards, and a stroke unit. Each bed is equipped with cardiac monitors for patient monitoring. These monitors are networked to the nurses’ station central mother base monitor, where tracings from each patient are captured.



The Ilocos Scanning & Imaging Center has upgraded from a 16-slice to a 64-slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanner.



The ECG Unit of Lorma acquired a new PC-based 12-lead Electrocardiograph machine capable of providing automatic interpretation of results. Resting ECG is recorded, analyzed and displayed on screen. The machine also monitors the occurrence of arrhythmia and if detected, recording and analysis starts automatically.

LMC's Regenerative & Cellular Medicine Unit

The Regenerative & Cellular Medicine Unit of Lorma is a team of doctors composed of Dr. Jayvee R. Komiya, FPOA and Dr. Gualberto T. Basco, FPOA, both orthopedic doctors; Dr. Cicel M. Reyna, DPBRM, FPARM, physiatrist; and Dr. Mario T. Bautista, FPCS, MBAH, our medical director and surgeon, who is also a certified Adistem Practitioner and head of the Unit. The team of doctors and staff are dedicated to the principles of personalized patient care and individualized attention. Their goal is to provide patients with the best possible care in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

LMC WELCOMES NEW NURSING DIRECTOR The Management of Lorma Medical Center welcomes back, Mrs. Glory Bautista Mayo, as the Acting Director of the Nursing Service, commencing on February 28, 2014, to replace Mrs. Ofelia C. Pulido, who has retired. She was recalled to reinforce the department and to introduce new methods and common international practices in the nursing profession. Mrs. Mayo was with the hospital as an ICU nurse but was later retained by Lorma College of Nursing, where she stayed for 22 years holding her last position as Level Coordinator


Autologous PA-PRP

Lorma Medical Center Regenerative and Cellular Medicine Unit is pleased to announce that it now has the capability to offer its patients the latest breakthrough in the treatment of joint pains. These pains often occur due to sports inquiries, accidents and the aging process. PRP treatment promises a significant reduction in pains to the knees, back, hands, elbows and all other body joints. The technique involves treatment with a small amount of the patient’s own concentrated blood plasma, and is done in a few hours with no medicine or confinement required.


November 8, 2013 — When Super Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Super Typhoon Yolanda, hit different provinces of the Visayas, it left so much destruction to property, to people’s lives and their livelihood. People all over the nation were really shaken with the tragedy.

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Rev. Brennus H. Paragas, our very own Hospital Chaplain since 2009, recently obtained his Doctor in Ministry (D.Min) Degree from the Far Corners International Theological Seminary (FITS) at the their Exten-sion School at the Blessed Sanctuary Christian Center, City of San Fernando, La Union.




Now you can call Lorma Medical Center from anywhere in the world! Simply add us to your contact and you’re connected. An operator will assist you with your concern.




Dr. Janesse Josephine Go-Mendoza is the newly appointed Head of the Department of Anesthesiology effective July 22, 2013.




The construction of Lorma’s New East Wing began following the groundbreaking ceremony on June 2, 2013. The five-storey building is expected to increase the capacity of the hospital and enhance its services.




Gynecologic Laparoscopy is a procedure which is used to look inside the abdomen, fallopian tubes, ovaries and womb. A medical telescope with an attached camera, called a laparoscope, is put into the abdomen through a small cut in the belly button. The pictures from the camera are sent to a television screen and magnified so that the surgeon can clearly see the organs inside the abdomen.



Lorma’s AccuVein makes venipunctures less stressful

Lorma Medical Center is now equipped with a new AccuVein AV300, the world's first handheld, non-contact vein illumination device that helps healthcare professionals to locate hard-to-find veins.



Patient Safety & Quality Mgm’t Office Established

“Lorma in 2012: Enhancing the culture of patient safety in caring for your health.” This message heralded the newly-established Patient Safety and Quality Management Office (PSQMO) in Lorma Medical Center.



Barcoding provides new experience to laboratory outpatients

As the laboratory department streamlines its workflows to improve efficiency in its provision of services to Lorma’s continuously growing number of patients, it introduced the use of the barcoding system among its outpatient clients.



New Neurophysiologic Tests now Available at Lorma

Currently, the most comprehensive in Northern Luzon, this set of neurophysiologic tests enhances Lorma’s arsenal of diagnostic imaging services including 16-slice computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging and digital radiography.



Lakas Ng Lungs Mo, Alamin Mo!

Once again, the LUMS pulmonologists, the Metro Rotarians, the LMC Respiratory personnel and LMC Marketing people united to benefit the Philippine National Police (PNP), traffic aid enforcers as well as tricycle drivers of San Fernando. Free Pulmonary Function Test and free pulmo consultation were given, while Lorma hospital gave discounted chest x-rays to those referred by the doctors.

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The inauguration was attended by Lorma board of directors, medical doctors, executives, directors and managers from various government agencies and corporations.

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Lorma Celebrates 78th Foundation Day

May 12, 2012


The Lorma LifeCheck Clinic

a new outpatient health services facility that meets the changing and expanding needs of health care services. It is focused on quality, prompt service, expert medical specialists and all given at affordable and fixed rates.



The Lorma Laboratory is now the mostmodern and complete laboratory in northern Luzon. This development was initiated by the HospitalAdministrator and EVP, Mr. Robert F. Kaiser, in response to escalating demand for lab services.


LMC Medical Rotation/Observership Program :

General Information (Online Application Form and download it here)


New CT Scan unit now installed. CT Scan of ISIC Imaging will re-open on June 21,2011

Full range non-invasive diagnostic options including Coronary Artery Imaging,

Advanced Lung Analysis, Automated Stroke Assessment, Accurate Assessment of Pancreas &Prostate



After eight long years of praying, waiting and hoping, Engr.
Dave Delizo and Engr. Maria Monina Paquidao-Delizo had their dream come true. The couple
has been blessed with a healthy 7.15 pound baby boy on May 12th, 2011.



This is the only book available today (in English) on successful management of a hospital with limited resources in countries outside the industrialized world.


Newly constructed rooms for Lorma’s patients

Lorma Medical Center has constructed an additional 12 suites on the 4th floor of the Medical Arts Building.


Who's who?...

Find out interesting people at Lorma


LORMA…Now open for medical tourists!

Over 180 board-certified medical specialists practice at Lorma; many have come from training in USA and other countries.



Lorma Medical Center successfully launched the opening of the

Lorma Wellness and Integrative Medicine Center (LWIM) on March 30, 2010


Lorma Wellness & Integrative Medicine Department

New at Lorma Medical Center


Lorma Accreditation

Medical Tourism (Tertiary Hospital)


Lorma goes Digital

This completes the plan of offering fully digital x-ray services at Lorma.


US VETERANS who are TRICARE members

now covered for medical services at Lorma Medical Center,SFLU


Hope and healing




RIA Tests, Thyroid Uptake, & Radioactive Iodine Therapy

RIA tests at Lorma’s Institute of Nuclear Medicine


New at Lorma's Physical Therapy:

Nintendo Wii


New at Lorma's X-ray:

Mammography Machine


New at Lorma Medical Center ICU:

Patient Cardiac Monitors


Nuclear Med- Gets fully operational


New Corporate Services & Information Center

The long anticipated Corporate Services and

Information Center (CSIC) of Lorma Medical Center was opened this August 2009.


75 Diamond Anniversary LORMA

Years of Excellence in Healthcare, Education & Community Service!


Painting Contest

Theme:People Helping One Another


Latest Developments at our Institution

Here are some of the latest development at our institution.


Lorma Medical Center and Lorma College is now ISO Certified

Lorma College and Lorma Medical Center celebrated its ISO (International Organization for Standardization) awarding of certification on February 18, 2009.  The Anglo Japanese American Registrars (AJA) awarded the Lorma certificate in ISO 9001:2000 at Lorma Carlatan campus.


ISO 9001:2000 Certificate Awarding Ceremony.

ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFICATE AWARDING OF LORMA MEDICAL CENTER and LORMA COLLEGES By Anglo Japanese American Registrars On February 18, 2009 at the College AVR


New renovated Nursery

To promote better healthcare and continuous improvement in Lorma Medical Center and to serve its patients better especially the newly born babies, the Nursery was renovated and was ready for use on May 28, 2008.

New medical leadership poised to set higher standard of healthcare
In a ceremony held at the Lorma chapel, Dr. Mario T. Bautista, M.D., FPCS, Thoracic (Chest) and General Surgeon, was appointed as the 4th medical director of the hospital.

New Dialysis Center now opens
Lorma Medical Center inaugurated and blessed their new Dialysis Center located at the 5th floor of the Medical Arts Building on December 2007 and became fully operational on January 2008.

Lorma's Medical Center's ISO Team

Lorma Medical Center plans to achieve ISO certification before the year is over. The first batch of  ISO team started documenting Lorma's work processes four years ago. The second batch of ISO team, spearheaded by Mrs. Maricel E. Carpio, the ISO DCC Editor, and Mr. Gettie M. Lomboy, the ISO DCC Assistant, took over the work in 2007.  

Newly Accredited Lorma DOTS Facility

Lorma's hospital-based DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse) Facility has been recently accredited by Philhealth. This means that TB patients can avail of the PhilHealth Outpatient Anti-Tuberculosis/DOTS Benefit Package.

New Emergency Department Opens
Lorma Medical Center today announced the opening of its new emergency department; the latest phase in the hospital’s recent expansion efforts.;

Lifecheck™ Comprehensive Executive Checkup
A comprehensive medical evaluation designed to fit the demands of entrepreneurs and busy executives! New and revised with a comparative checklist of other available executive checkups.

Mobile Clinic
Lorma's new Mobile Clinic serves onsite physical examination requirements at company, academic and government institutions at locations throughout the province of La Union and neighboring areas.

Onsite Home & Office Laboratory Services
Introducing Lorma’s Home & Office Laboratory Testing Service; our newest service for those who are unable to visit the hospital for their laboratory check-ups. This new mobile service aims to deliver the same quality of medical care found at Lorma to your home or office.  

Onsite Lab Services for Practitioners
Introducing Lorma’s Laboratory Services for Medical Practitioners; our newest offering for Doctors who are interested in providing a value-added benefit to their patients with the convenience and care that can only come from Lorma Medical Center’s Laboratory.

Onsite Corporate Services
Introducing Lorma’s Onsite Corporate Services; our newest offering for corporations and government agencies with the goal of providing a mobile, practical and efficient solution to varying and sometimes complex healthcare needs.

Bone Ultrasonometer
Tests for osteoporosis and risk of getting a fracture!  Introducing the only Bone Ultrasonometer in La Union!

...more to follow!


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